What Arches Brow Studio is all about...

BROWS! When I decided to enter this industry, I knew that it would be with a unique and specific attention to Brow Design and Maintenance. Brows shape the face.Your brows impact your overall appearance. We notice this even more now as our world has changed to a place where only our eyes and eyebrows can make our first impressions. As a Certified Brow Specialist; I can offer some of the best skills to a variety of cosmetic brow services. I am proud to offer top of line services while using only the best available products. I am so excited to introduce my clients to new and cutting-edge treatments like Henna Brows, Brow Lamination, and combination Hybrid Brows. I love what I do, this business is a dream turned reality. There is no better job than one that gives people confidence by creating the most beautiful brows possible.

- Amy Couper

Owner & Brow Specialist

At Arches Brow Studio your brow service is more than just a treatment, it's an art.

We give our clients the most perfect arch and the most beautiful brows.